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Project Engineering and Management (PEM) is the core business vertical of the Project Engineering Group (PEG), which offers engineering consultancy and project management services for greenfield projects or expansion projects.

We are capable of supporting our clients, from Concept to Commissioning. We engage with them right at the beginning of the project and assist them through due diligence on land options, compliance checklist, project budget and layout planning. We then try to understand their requirements as accurately as possible and collect the necessary inputs. Finally, the project is executed in four distinct stages as depicted below.

key activities

 We strive continuously to offer optimal solutions to our clients. Through our OPEX (Operational Excellence) initiative, we have developed systems to address four key areas in our projects to enhance quality, improve deliverables and progress execution.

Our experience in handling projects of varied scale in the last 30 years coupled with our systematic approach has enabled us to effectively address the constraints in managing resources, quality and risk while balancing the scope, schedule and cost of the project.